I have been studying Body & Brain Yoga and Ki-gong for over 10 years, and teaching it as a form for 7 years. It is a modern version of Sundo, an ancient Korean healing arts practice, which once it found me/I found it, it changed my life. My classes comprise of ki-gong, meridian stretching, meditation and vibration. This practice is based on Taoist principles of oneness and bringing mind and body together, to a place of zero. It is an incredible tool to clear and bring energy to the body and to find your inner wisdom and space. I am also a qualified Creative Arts Therapist and use my training from this space to hold and heal, and I use the creative plain to help my students manifest from this place of zero.

I also offer 1:1 Individual 1 Hour Energy Healing Sessions to meet you where you are. Sessions happen from my home studio, by appointment only. Contact me here for a booking.

Weekly Class Schedule:

MONDAY: Detox Energy Yoga class

7.30 pm Beechwood Hall, Lewes

£12 drop in / £100 for 10 class card

WEDNESDAY: 10am KiGong Class, Body&Brain Yoga KiGong Studio Brighton (to book please click on link)

Friday 10AM & 4.30PM Vibration Classes Home Studio, Kingston near Lewes

To BOOK Monday or Friday sessions, or 1:1 private classes or healing sessions please contact me



The second piece was for a friend who wanted to expand her connection to something bigger. She too was in a transition period and beginning a new job as a curator for a major gallery, dealing with bigger corporate energies and money. I wanted the piece to help her unite her masculine and feminine sides and bring her success. 

If you are invested in a piece of Intuitive Art from me, the service I offer involves a meeting first either via Skype, or in person then then I make the work and send you the original. If you would like to work further with me 1-2-1 then that is also possible. Intuitive Art commissions range from £250-£350 depending on the size of the piece. Please contact me to arrange for a phone call first.