I have been studying Body & Brain Yoga and Ki-gong for over 10 years, and teaching it as a form for 7 years. It is a modern version of Sundo, an ancient Korean healing arts practice, which once it found me/I found it, it changed my life. My classes comprise of ki-gong, meridian stretching, meditation and vibration. This practice is based on Taoist principles of oneness and bringing mind and body together, to a place of zero. It is an incredible tool to clear and bring energy to the body and to find your inner wisdom and space. I am also a qualified Creative Arts Therapist and use my training from this space to hold and heal, and I use the creative plain to help my students manifest from this place of zero.

I also offer 1:1 Individual 1 Hour Energy Healing Sessions to meet you where you are. Sessions happen from my home studio and also at SoulFit in Lewes, by appointment only. Contact me here for a booking.

Weekly Class Schedule:

MONDAY: Detox Energy Yoga class

7.30 pm Beechwood Hall, Lewes

£12 drop in / £100 for 10 class card

WEDNESDAY: 10am KiGong Class, Home studio, Kingston (please message me for details)

Friday 7AM Vibration Class SoulFit Studio, Lewes

Please BOOK for Friday sessions via the Soulfit site here

To BOOK Monday or Wednesday session, or 1:1 private classes please contact me



The second piece was for a friend who wanted to expand her connection to something bigger. She too was in a transition period and beginning a new job as a curator for a major gallery, dealing with bigger corporate energies and money. I wanted the piece to help her unite her masculine and feminine sides and bring her success. 

If you are invested in a piece of Intuitive Art from me, the service I offer involves a meeting first either via Skype, or in person then then I make the work and send you the original. If you would like to work further with me 1-2-1 then that is also possible. Intuitive Art commissions range from £250-£350 depending on the size of the piece. Please contact me to arrange for a phone call first.