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Grief and Trees

(for my Grandmother June)

I want to light fires for you

burning kites

I will to go to volcanoes

all the power places

I am finding you

in the breaking sun

in the strongest light of the day

you are there

I can feel you in the core of a tree

my heart opening and becoming one with the bark

I can feel you

we saw you

you came again as a butterfly

Luca saw you

he told me you were an old butterfly

and your father was flying with you

Thank you for coming out for us

You are giant and whole

we are blessed now

Wine and Silence

Silence in this water

in this weather

in this dream

Silence waking me

silence in my coffee

all over my face

I grow silence it takes days

I harvest it carefully

to be alone with it is a torture and bliss

I stab at it

I open into it like a feather floating out into

the middle of a lake

Silence takes me to the unseen places

I bow to it

I bow and bow and bow to it

And it grows