I make work for people based on where they are in their lives and what they need. The below two are examples of work I made for two separate clients. The first asked me to create him a piece for a new time in his life, to symbolise a new beginning after a relationship break-up. I channeled his energy and I hope the piece helped him with the transition into this new space of light, colour, expansion and success. A integration of himself.

The second piece was for a friend who wanted to expand her connection to something bigger. She too was in a transition period and beginning a new job as a curator for a major gallery, dealing with bigger corporate energies and money. I wanted the piece to help her unite her masculine and feminine sides and bring her success. 

If you are invested in a piece of Intuitive Art from me, the service I offer involves a meeting first either via Skype, or in person then then I make the work and send you the original. If you would like to work further with me 1-2-1 then that is also possible. Intuitive Art commissions range from £250-£350 depending on the size of the piece. Please contact me to arrange for a phone call first.