I offer Intuitive Art Commissions where I will create a piece of work after connecting with a client on where they are at in the world and what they would like next. This is either by meeting in person or an energetic meeting via Skype.

The first piece was for a successful New York photographer who was at a segway in his life - a long term relationship had ended and he had lots of new beginnings in front of him. He asked for a piece of work to support him into this new era, to uplift him and act as a marker to this new beginning. I created the work and felt such joy, movement and colour - which is ultimately what his life is now filled with!

The second piece below was for a client who was about to take on a new very big job curating a gallery, she is also an incredible and acclaimed artist in her own right and I could feel both her worlds needing to exist simultaneously, and how they needed to come together and be in harmony. I also felt the voice of the feminine coming through and imbalance everywhere, but hope in future change. The piece felt very light and fun to make - it is made up entirely of circles and triangles and the words came spontaneously at the end : my message to her, one of unification.