You have been everything

You will be everything

You are everything

There is nothing that you are not

there is no place you won't go

It is all the places 

everywhere you've dared not thought of before

You have been there

You have been that.

there is a nowness in now

To begin this to let it out to allow it to open to see to feel to forgive to let go to backbend myself to awake to this new space this new age this new dawn this new star 

is where we are

is why I'm here

is what this is


the beginning

When you know that inside of you somewhere there is space. The height of the ocean, the depth of the cosmos, underneath these ribcages it is endless in every direction. As a child I knew this like I knew how to breathe, I dreamed about this endlessness at night over and over this white no-colour plain, I visited it, I bent over to pick a flower and it was my map, a hologram of my future and my past and my present. Everything was this dream. I used to wait for it. And then it stopped coming. I lost my map. It vanished.

And to replace it, in ran an inky blackness, a lake or a dark underground stream entered my blood. My map, my beautiful place of being became stranger shaped and see through and not there. I had nothing to call on and my voice had gone. I didn't want to get up in the morning.