Above image by artist Jemima Burrill

I Belong To Zero is me Claire Alexander Moore, an Australian born and raised, UK-based artist, poet and healer. I make illustrated poetry inspired by nature, space, meditation, geometry and the Tao. My interest is in the point where word and line connect, this zero point of abyss which exists in the un-navigated creative space. I am always looking to unite the spaces within myself and to connect with the wider universe by reaching into this internal plain. The lines, shapes and words that come from this exploration make up the majority of my work.

I grew up between rivers, mountains, lakes and beaches on a farm in South Eastern Australia. My first memory is of sky and land. Nature has always been my keeper. I studied a Degree in Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing (minor in Photography) from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She predominately saw herself as a writer and spoken word poet but then felt there might be more she could offer. She followed a thread of feeling that she wanted to help the world in some way, and went on to further study with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapy from RMIT. She moved to London and worked as an Art Therapist in the revolutionary Studio Upstairs in Hackney, an inspiring space where she also received immense healing and it was there she started to draw and link her work together. She then got pregnant with her first child and began training in Body & Brain Yoga and Ki-gong (the main objective here was to stay sane and ward off the most debilitating homesickness, but which quickly turned into a very deep healing experience/spiritual awakening/way of life). She completed her Dahn Master teacher training within the practice and now shares this in her classes. She has three children and collaborates with her husband/creative partner photographer Casey Moore, they live together in Lewes, East Sussex. All of this forms together inside her to come out as poetry, line, teaching and healing.


My Process

I make work to bring it up to bring it out / To see what I had no idea was there before/ to light the fire and then to walk through it / to wake up that which was asleep / to be brave to face the black hole fear of no return / I make work to get through it / to get into it / making art and writing for me is meditation / it is a way in


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